Note:Please pay attention to the current regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires,Your passport won’t be signed & stamped for Visa & arrival-departure anymore.It’ll be issued in a paper form.

5 steps to apply & get Iranian Visa
1) Fill out the Iran Visa application form on our website, and Send your photo and the front page of your passport.
2) You’ll get confirmation about receiving your documents,and an account details.
3) Pay the Authorization Code (Iran visa Grant Notice) fee of 20$ into our account and keep us informed.
4)After authorizing your Visa,an Authorization Code of Iran Visa will be sent in 1-4 working days (Sunday to Wednesday are considered as MFA’s working days).
5) Refer to the selected embassy/ airport, pay the embassy fee due to your nationality to get your Iran Visa.

All of nationalities for further information about visa, can get in touch at +989109883815 (Available on What’sApp).

Visa request

5 + 3 = ?

1.Your passport should be valid at least 6 months after the arrival date.

2. As there are more than one Iranian Consulate in some countries,please specify the exact Iranian Consulate from which you would like to pick up your Iran Visa.

3.You’ll confirm to choose & write trip itinerary and accommodations (with or without Berkeh’s consultation) and travel according to this itinerary. In case of  certain unforeseen circumstances,to change any specified details please inform Berkeh as soon as possible by the following e-mail address:

4. You agree to take all the responsibility of any problem which may arise in the case that you do not travel due to the submitted itinerary and will not file any complaint against Berkeh travel Agency.

5. Please understand  that Berkeh Travel Agency will do its best to secure your Iran Visa and take care of all necessary details regarding it, however, the final decision of granting permission for you to enter and travel in the country rests with the government of Iran.

6. You will take the responsibility in case of any kind of written mistake in the above Iran Visa application form.

7. You pledge to obey all the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran.

8. At last, You confirm all of the specified information in the above form.